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A mountain resort does more than offer skiing and riding: it is a complex web of year round services that cater to the recreational needs of millions of outdoor enthusiasts. "60 Seconds with SAM" brings you the latest innovations from industry suppliers with a 60-second video and a Q&A interview with SAM.  To reserve your 60 Seconds with SAM profile e-mail liz@saminfo.com


Anthony Showen, CEO of TreadWright Tires,
sits down with SAM...

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SAM: What vehicles are best suited for TreadWright remolded tires?

Anthony: TreadWright currently manufactures tires in sizes for almost any light-truck and SUV vehicle. Our tires can improve the off-road and winter driving performance of any resort’s LT/SUV fleet.

SAM: When did TreadWright start producing remolded tires, and what made the company realize there was a need for something like this?

Anthony: TreadWright has been manufacturing remolded tires in the U.S. for roughly 30 years. The founders of TreadWright Tires realized that tire costs were going to be a real issue for many businesses and outdoor enthusiasts as oil prices continued to rise. Armed with many years of experience with commercial tire remolding, the owners set out to create the most environmental and affordable tire that could be made right here in the U.S. TreadWright was blazing a trail to create the most environmental LT/SUV tire on the market before being environmental was in vogue.

SAM: Explain the process of remolded tires and what makes these tires as reliable as a new tire.

Anthony: TreadWright uses a remold manufacturing process that is nearly identical to new tire manufacturing. The process starts with a premium casing (Goodyear, Michelin, etc.) that has passed a complete integrity inspection. The used tread is buffed off the casing, and then the tire is completely rebuilt with a new commercial-grade tread compound. The rebuilt casing is remolded with the same presses and manufacturing processes used to cure new tires.

Recycled / remolded tires are used in 80 percent of commercial airlines, emergency response vehicles, and school buses all across the US. The DOT has determined that remolded tires and new tires have the exact same defect rate.

SAM: Exactly what makes your tires "environmentally responsible?" What are the benefits, and how do they help the bottom line for bigger companies like ski resorts?

Anthony: TreadWright Tires are produced with 70 percent recycled materials. Each TreadWright tire uses approximately 6 gallons of oil compared to 18 gallons for a new tire. In addition to the obvious 12 gallons of oil saved per tire produced, TreadWright ensures that used tires are not taking up space in landfills or polluting our nation’s lakes and rivers.

However, the best benefit from recycling is the price advantage and enhanced engineering we can build into each TreadWright tire. We can invest more in our rubber compounds to create improved wear characteristics in off-road applications without sacrificing our price point. The ski industry demands performance and profitability, and TreadWright delivers!

SAM: How many times can a remolded tire be used again? What's the lifespan?

Anthony: Currently we only re-mold a tire once. A new DOT code is placed on a TreadWright Tire after production and tracked. If that tire comes back into our facility, we do not remanufacture the tire again.

We are in the midst of researching how many times a LT/SUV casing can be put through the mold-cure process and retain its structural integrity. The airline industry recycles a tire up to 4 times, and the commercial trucking industry recycles 8-10 times.

SAM: How do you guarantee the tires’ durability? Ski resort vehicles are put to the test year round in a variety of conditions. What makes TreadWright not only an economical and environmentally-conscious decision, but one that can also withstand the elements?

Anthony: We build rubber compounds designed for higher wear characteristics in off-road conditions to ensure tread life is improved. We offer all our tires with Kedge Grip technology, which creates micro siping that improves traction in the ice and snow.

Our company was founded on the needs of the most adventurous outdoor enthusiasts across the country, and today is no different. A few examples: Austin Anderson, “Professional Storm Chaser,” does contract work for The Weather Channel; he depends on TreadWright Tires. David Fetzner owns a commercial snowplow and landscaping business in the Northeast, and exclusively uses TreadWright tires. Brenton and Shannon Cooper drove for 669 days and 30,000 miles on TreadWright tires during an amazing, meandering Pan American journey from Texas to Tierra del Fuego, Chile. We have shown our tires are dependable in real life situations.