If I Were Your Resort, I’d Stop Generating Traffic for YouTube and Vimeo

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November 6, 2013 -- Gregg Blanchard

There have been a few times recently where I've honestly had to keep from smirking when discussing Twitter.

Each time a common insight has come up from social media marketers who complain, in one form or another, that:

"I just don't get a lot of traffic from Twitter. It's great for other things, but it doesn't generate many site visitors."

To which my brain silently responds:

"You actually generate a TON of traffic through Twitter...you just generate it for other people's websites."

Let me explain.

Five Tweets
Let's take a look at five tweets to illustrate my point:

What's the common thread in each of those tweets? It takes one click to view the content.

Now, here on the site as an embedded tweet, it might show some of them inline, but unless it’s a pic.twitter.com photo, it will take me at least one click to get to that content from my normal feed.

The Traffic
The first tweet is generating traffic for YouTube. The second is generating traffic for TwitPic. The third Vimeo. The fourth for Ow.ly and the fifth for Instagram.

Long story short, resort accounts are generating thousands and thousands of website visitors every day for a hundred different sites.

Just not their own sites.

Easy Peasy
Now, let's run back through the list and see which of those sites has easy-to-use embed codes for your content.

YouTube: YES
Vimeo: YES
Instagram: YES
Ow.ly: YES
TwitPic: YES

See what I'm getting at?

The Tweak
Instead of sharing links to these sites, I'd start to embed all of my YouTube and Vimeo videos, photos and Instagrams, Vines and TwitPics onto my website in a blog post (one for each piece of content) instead.

It will take you about a minute more but, instead of generating traffic for YouTube, it will generate traffic for your website. I'd do it for all content, but especially my own. Love that new GoPro video? Embed it on your site, then share it. Love that Instagram photo? Upload a new vid to YouTube? Embed it. Then share it. An article/post on your site can be nothing more than a video and its description.

"What about Facebook," you say, "they show videos inline!" Same deal...it still takes a click. Just do what Joel Gratz at OpenSnow does (take a screenshot of the video player and share that along with a link). An extra 30 seconds for an extra 100+ pageviews.

Embed Then Share
Say it with me. Embed it then share it.

Embed, then share.

That's what I'd do.

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Using Social Media to your Advantage

Also, always post to social media with links back to your web site ...


Spot On......Never liked you tube (still don't) Yet all your 30 and Under do.

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