Senath (Sam) Morrill - Sugarloaf, Maine


Sugarloaf, Maine
Snowmaking Since 2009


Sam Morrill: Zero degrees. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect.


Sam Morrill: Live, love, laugh, and be happy.


Sam Morrill: It was Christmas my rookie year. We were working Timberline and I came to a gun that I thought was off. I disconnected the air hose halfway and realized it had been frozen and halfway down was fully charged. I should have made sure the air was off first. The hose went wild and I realized that small details can mean the difference between life and death.


Sam Morrill: I am always fired up for snowmaking.


Sam Morrill: My office is not four walls.


Sam Morrill: There is something different about Sugarloaf. When I was younger and Sunday came, we would leave the mountain and return to reality. The agony of driving away was always overwhelming. I swore to myself that someday I’d be a ski bunny and never have to leave.

Time went by and a lot of things changed. At 30 years old I found myself back at the mountain as a rookie snowmaker, surrounded by a bunch of salty young men. They quickly informed me that my dreams of being a ski bunny had long since passed. There were three other ladies in the mix, and the first day two of them showed up in tu-tus. Thankfully they were put on the other crew, and I worked with one of the most positive, hard-working people I have ever met. I’d like to think that she and I made the guys seriously reconsider their opinions of the female gender.

My boss has made snow here for 33 years and still remains passionate and interested in his career. This is only my fifth year making snow and I am constantly learning from both the veterans and the rookies. The smartest, most interesting people I meet are in the snowmaking industry. There is a camaraderie among these guys that extends far past age, sex or background. To be part of this group is an honor. When you surround yourself with good people and spectacular scenery, you will begin to grow and learn in a positive manner.

In this line of work, attitude counts for 95 percent, and it is 100 percent contagious. A negative, despondent snowmaker will never make it. For me, the hardship of 100-mile winds and subzero temperatures make a sunny day all that much more special. Snowmaking is a dangerous, physically demanding and financially challenging path. The fact that I can withstand the agony that arises helps me to gain the confidence that I can do this, I can make the right decisions, I can laugh at my own mistakes.



I worked with Sam and the other girl's she refers to the first year Sam was here at Sugarloaf. I was a wuss and worked in the office. When I first met them all I was certain none of them would be back the next year. Sam seemed very determined and much more serious than the tu tu girls but let's face it, snow making is the most difficult job at a ski resort. The next year when training time came around in the fall Sam was the only girl who returned. I knew that second year she would be here for a long time. I have never seen her that she wasn't smiling and enjoying her self (even when it's 70 degrees!). Sam is an inspiration!


Imagine a heavenly place where the powder is fresh and the trails are thrilling...that's Sugarloaf this year. Amazing conditions, thanks to the winter we have had and the snowmakers like Senath. Sam deserves to be recognized as Snowmaker of the year because she has made us all appreciate the efforts of what she does for a living. GREAT JOB in 2014!


You ROCK it !! The snowmaking at Sugarloaf for the 2013-14 Season has been amazing - With not much help from mother nature this season Sugarloaf is lucky to have such a dedicated employee as Sam Morrill!

Nice work

Nice job Sam! Thanks for all you do at the loaf. We appreciate your hard work, great attitude, and the selfless acts in the name of snowmaking! Be well and best wishes!

Awesome job Sam

Thanks for all you have done and accomplished! You've done a great job here at the loaf and we love the work you do. We appreciate your hard work, great attitude, and selfless acts of kindness. Keep up the great job!


In December, at Sugarloaf we got pounded with snow on top of what the snowmakers made.January was warm in the beginning then turned cold with no snow. Sam and her crew made things happen cranking out snow to keep things running in January. Sam is dedicated to making snow and Sugarloaf Mountain.

SAM makes the best snow!

SAM, as in the ski association, has a real treasure in SAM, as in Saneth A. Morrill. With her love of life and all things 'snowmaking', she is an ambassador for the industry and working young women! You rock, SAM- the person!


We need the best snowmaker, SAM, here in CA...seriously lacking snow!

Senath Morrill

Hey Sam....Big congratulations go out to you for the recognition of being a great snow maker! We haven't met yet but I plan on looking you up and giving you the big high five when we do. Keep up the great work and your wonderful spirit! Your Mom is a fiddle friend and big fan of yours. Look forward to meeting up with you sometime on the slopes. Blast away GF!

Augusta Maine is Proud

SAM: great work, great article. You have a great attitude toward your work. Onward and upward. We Augusta Maine citizens are proud of your national ranking and accomplishments. I am proud to know several of your family members here.


Senath----you are terrific---enjoy the snow and cold

snowmaker sam

So happy to see Sam recognized for something she loves so much. My 4 year old thinks she is responsible for making all of the snow. Keep on making Sam, we love you!


Sam is the best snowmaker in the world. She loves to be part of the fun for all of us. She knows that we love to ski and cares about the conditions so we will keep a coming and bring lots of friends. Plus after the ski you can bet to eat lots of fresh foods and have fun playing games to get ready for tomorrow

So far this year we're either

So far this year we're either missing the big storms or getting rain - then it clears with arctic cold! I'm mighty glad you and the other snow makers are out there. Keep up the good work!


hey SAM , congrads on the January coudo. Take care of yourself up on the Ridge, and don't look down too often on us valley people. Best David

Senath A. Morrill

Absolutely love you, your positive attitude, strength, great work ethic and smile:) Sugarloaf is so very fortunate to have you! S - Strong A - Admirable M - Motivated Enjoy The Great White North!!!


Sam it is so nice to be recognized by Sugarloaf for the excellent work you have been doing since 2009. I do not know if it was my short stint in California or maybe I am just getting old but zero degrees is cold. To operate at that temperature and below as a normal course of the business certainly shows your dedication, love of the work and the resolve to get the job done. As is sit in my office with the 4 walls looming I am jealous of the environment in which you operate. Fortunately in March Lynn and I will be up at Sugarloaf, not making snow of course like you, but to attend Bob and Robins dinner. Hopefully you will be able to get some time off because we very much look forward to seeing you. Until then: To live, love, laugh, and be happy is a great philosophy but to make it happen as you are doing is awesome. Be Safe!!!! Uncle B


We're lucky to have such dedicated snowmakers on Sugarloaf !

Sam Morrill....excellent !

Live, love, laugh, and be happy....Absolutely !!


Wonderful interview. Adds insight into making snow. What a great job and opportunity. Rachel


Sam loves a challenge and gives 100 percent in any job she undertakes. Sugarloaf USA has a diamond making snow for them and they are some lucky to have found her! Keep up the good work Sam! You make us all proud!


It's a thrill seeing a female snowmaker on the mountain five consecutive years! You have a good one Sugarloaf! Keep up the great work SAM!


Senath has been passionate about snowmaking for many years. The way she describes Sugarloaf at first light, or how it looks after a Nor' Easter make me so envious. She has almost convinced me that I need to take up snowmaking, but I don't think that I have the "right stuff". Sam is tough as nails yet is one of the most kind-hearted person that I know. Great combination for a snowmaker, I'd say!


Sam is one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure to a friend. We grew up together and I remember the childhood passion she references here. Here level of skill and ability was remarkable even then. My first pair of downhill skies were hand-me-downs from Sam- I will never forget- Her name was engraved on them and I admired her ability to much it made me feel wonderful to look down and see her name there. Life can be hard and indeed, life can be cruel. While Sam as dealt with more than her fair share of these hardships she truly does live her life as her "Life Philosophy" suggest. She exudes happiness and joy and it is infectious. I am so proud to say I know her and beyond proud to hear of her success....

Sam Morrill

Sam is a awesome snowmaking she has the love of it and the desire to be the best. Good job sam