Tim Whorl - Ski Roundtop, PA

Tim Whorl

Roundtop, PA
Snowmaker since 1987


Tim: 5 degrees because that was the temperature on the day I learned to ski. Skiing was foreign to me until my older brother joined the Army and was stationed in Colorado Springs. He would tell us about the mountains, chairlifts and how skiing was as simple as "falling down the mountain." On the last day of 1976 I finally got on skis, at Ski Roundtop, and I was hooked.


Tim: Enthusiasm is caught, not taught.


Tim: The first really cold night of snowmaking after weeks of marginal conditions. My career path included working in a lumber mill, general construction, summer stock theater (also the influence of my older brother) and lawn care. It took ten more years to figure out that a snow career was what I wanted.

I first came to the ski area thinking I wanted to be a lift operator as it was the most obvious job to me and I thought it would be the most fun to be around people. When I stopped in to apply for the job, the mountain manager, Eric Flynn, came into the office wearing a paint-spattered shirt and said, "Have you ever made snow before?" I said no, and he asked, "How would you like to learn?" I answered, "Sure...I guess."
A few weeks later Eric called to tell me that I got a spot on the night snowmaking crew, and added, “We're going to make you the crew foreman." I replied, "Wait a minute, I've never made snow before!" Eric said, "That's OK, no one else on the crew has ever made snow, either!" That turned out not to be totally true, as a couple of the guys from the prior year came back, and they helped me get my Sorels under me, if you know what I mean.

The first couple of weeks of snowmaking for me were under marginal conditions, pretty warm for snowmaking. It seemed like all we were doing was painting the ground white, and I thought, "Wow, this is going to be a tough and tedious job." Then one night it finally got cold. I was on my first run of the night down a black diamond called Ramrod, the "Sepp" guns (named for then-GM Sepp Gmuender) were puking snow, and it was piling up. The night seemed especially dark, and I couldn't believe how great it felt to be on the mountain. The feeling is hard to explain. A person just has to come out and experience it to understand.


Tim: The anticipation of winter’s arrival. I have always loved winter. As a kid in the 1960s, the dirt road in front of my house became a luge run for two and a half months a year. I remember my entire family hiking a mile up the road to church on Sunday morning pulling our Snow Kings and Lightning Gliders and then sledding all the way home. Winter social life in our neighborhood consisted of big toboggan parties that weren't complete until a bunch of us crashed into the creek. I even survived my cousin's Snurfer!


Tim: One of my best friends, Tony Sipling, was in the paint business for many years. I told him he would like snowmaking, and finally, three years ago, he was ready to give it a try. He instantly fell in love with it and is now a fanatical snowmaker. That is what I love most about the job now—teaching others to make snow and seeing the joy on their frostbitten faces when they get to the bottom of a trail and say, "Man, it is sweet up there!" I enjoy seeing them do something that they can take pride in and getting the high 5s from our guests when they realize that the great conditions are a result of the hard work of the snowmaking and grooming teams.


snow on the slopes

it was great to read in your memories.......that you made snow with the red flamingo.....at every 50 feet a gun and see them producing overnight to be skiing next morning on time. best wishes and congratulation.... sepp

Round The Clock Mountain Man

My little brother, Tim, is the most dedicated worker I know. Many nights, through his many years at Ski Roundtop, he has stayed at the resort to address equipment and grounds maintenance issues. He is always ready to assist when called upon, no matter the hour or day of the week. This I know because there have been occasions when he must leave a family gathering to go to tend the Mountain. Sorry I'm so late on this, but my message is timeless.

Comments from a certified patroller and old friend

Please cast my vote for Tim Whorl from Ski Roundtop, PA for outstanding snowmaker. When Tim first started on the snow making crew he decided to take the ski patrol candidate first aid training to be prepared to perform any emergency first aid on the crew. This was commendable since the ski patrol customarily left the area when public skiing was ended for the day. Secondly, much of the snow making occurs at night, but when occurring during the day, Tim would be immediately available for an emergency. In this regard, Tim was acceptable as a ski patrol candidate, but he chose to be a snowmaker. And, as a result, a great rapport was established between the two groups which greatly benefitted the area due to the exchange of information for the benefit of improving conditions. Respectfully submitted, Gordon Bell, Certified Ski Patroller #73

best friend in an uncle

Being a Nephew of Tim I can personally tell you, theirs no other harder worker, that takes pride in his job and in helping others. Though like all of us could use a little help in the golf game. No greater guy would I rather put my vote in for. He's well deserving.

Snowmaking through the years

I started skiing at Roundtop in 1964. Starting working at Roundtop in 1967. Snowmaking has been my passion but only ever made snow on a limited basis. Have seen many Snowmakers come & go through the years. Snowmaking technology has also gone off the charts in recent years. Tim has gone through many changes in Snowmaking since 1987! The one thing Tim Whorl has over the average Snowmaker........He has mastered the ability to lay down the white stuff in marginal weather!!!! It's not real difficult to make snow in 5 degree weather but at 34 degrees one must know the ropes. Roundtops success is in it's snow in marginal winters in Central Pa climate. Tim truly deserves the recondition!!!!

Snow making marvel

Tim, I have been skiing at Ski Roundtop since the 1970s when I would bring the Hershey High School Ski club on Monday evenings. I always found the snow at Roundtop just delightful to ski. I don't know you personally, but you and your awesome crew are to be congratulated on always doing an amazing job. Thank you for another great ski year!


Working with and around TIM back in 93 I remember he was a easy guy to get along with. I thought he looked like KENNY LOGGINS. A real great guy who i hope lives his dream at the resort for years.

I can think of nobody more deserving!

I grew up with Tim and first got on skis with him back in the late 70's. His infectious smile and "awe shucks" attitude make him a real winner and his underdtanding of his craft is forst rate.

Awesome job Tim

Great job Tim. I keep an eye on you fellas throughout the season to check up and see how you gents are doing since I left for the military. Looks great and keep it up. Will

Best Snow Award

I now know who is responsible for my repeated refrain over the past 25 years: "Roundtop has the best snowmaking around!" Like others have said, the snow you guys make allows for so many of us to glide, slide, carve, turn, and just plain have so much fun. The coverage you laid down in that first week of cold weather last November was unbelievable! You have saved my sanity over these many years. Many thanks from a long time RMR skier.

Thanks Tim!

(Only after God) We say thank you.... for an EPIC year of skiing! Never has a last day of the season looked like this one. Cheers for 2014 and our stellar Round Top Staff!

❄️Keep Calm and Make Snow❄️ - King of all Snowmakers!

Tim Whorle is a world class guy and the world's greatest snowmaker! At Roundtop they face not only the challenge of making snow consistently but keeping it good with the constant temperature fluctuations. I am always amazed by how quick Tim and "Tim's Assistant" Jim


Tim's the best... he is super committed and is a team player... in snow making and in life. You are appreciated!!!


When it comes to turning a mountain white, Tim Whorl is the MAN. Bar None! It doesn't matter what ma nature has up her sleeve, or whether the compressor building is blowing up, or water needs pumped from the other side of the mountain, or the biggest bunch of misfits needs to be taught how to make snow. Tim get's the snowmaking thing done, and done well. The man deserves a gold-plated wet bulb and a slope named after him for his achievements. When the muds of April happen Tim, we need to hit the beach for some fishing.

Love skiing at Roundtop

Thanks , From Me and the ZARDOZ Race TEAM We have had consistent snow to race on for many years thanks to you and your crew. It shows how much you care.

Some of The Best Manmade Anywhere!

Tim's Commitment to providing quality snow shows every season. In the Mid-Atlantic area you won't find better conditions than at Roundtop.

Tim, "King Of The Hill"

I have been involved with ski and snowboard racing for more than 20 years at RMR and I am amazed at how well Tim and his staff continue to keep the mountain covered in snow. The race arenas are second to none and his continued support of racing at Roundtop is phenominal. Keep up the good work ethic "Whirley"!

snow making is the greatest job in the world

Tim, Thank you for introducing me to snow making. You have been an incredible mentor and friend. I learn so much from you every time we walk out into the dark cold night. Your enthusiasm has rubbed off on all of us. It is an honor to take the reigns as the night time supervisor. I hope that I become half the snow maker you are, and that the enthusiasm continues to spread.

Thanks for all of your hard work...

Your positive attitude and work ethic cannot be match by anyone else. Roundtop would not be the same without you. Great job!!

Thanks Tim

Your commitment to snowmaking really shows and we consistently have great conditions even when Old Man Winter drops the ball. Your positive can-do attitude is greatly appreciated. Thanks for keeping the slopes buried!

I've been skiing at Ski

I've been skiing at Ski Roundtop since they opened in 1964. It constantly amazes me what a great job you do with snowmaking and how you can keep the mountain open during some of the most challenging weather. Thank you for a lifetime of great skiing at RMR.

working together 25 years

27 years ago I became the Pro Patrol supervisor and looked at our mountain in a new way. Safety improves as conditions improve! Tim took care of every concern we had about snow making and taught us to keep them informed. We worked together and Tim even took the Ski Patrol first aid course in case someone got hurt at night. In time we began to work together pre-season on mountain projects and Tim gave me a special award as an honorary snowmaker. I consider it the highest honor i have ever received.

Thanks for the snow making

Fantastic season. You are truly a god of the snow making world.

Best snowmaker, ever.

I worked as a snowmaker under Tim Whorl for over ten years. I've never met a man more dedicated to his job than Tim. He will handle any problem, big or small with a confident smile. He leads by example with a bad ass work ethic. I'll never forget my snowmaking years, thanks to Tim Whorl.


I am a 14 year veteran Snowboard Race Coach, and have grown up at Roundtop Mountain Resort. Tim has always been on top of his game, making perfect conditions for our team day in and day out! We're lucky to have a guy that is inspired and enthusiastic about his work! All the Best Tim! Neil Sunday SRRC Snowboard Coach 2014 US Junior World Championship Snowboard Coach

Better each year

I've been skiing at Roundtop since 1978, and every year it seems the snowmaking improves. Tim and his crew don't skimp on effort or equipment. We can always count on the best quality snow that is possible. Great job!

"You Snow" Man!

Tim, I figured "you rock" would not be appropriate since your goal is to cover those pesky rocks during the winter season:) Thanks for protecting my (as well as many other's) ski bases during my 16 seasons of patrolling! Anyone who skis in South Central PA can attest to the challenges you all face during the season and it amazing what you and your crew can do when the weather rears its ugly head. You and your crew set a marvelous example for the rest of the country to follow!!! This recognition is well deserved and long over do:) All the best, VC (fellow OEC candidate from 1998)

TIM, you are an icon on the mountain...

You have learned your trade well! You truly are an extreme snow maker and an awesome individual! Wishing you many more years blowing water into joy for thousands of people each year. Dave

Thanks for the snow

I started skiing about the same time as you started making snow. I ended up on the Ski Patrol. Let me tell you, we all appreciated your efforts over the years. We had some wonderful seasons. One of the most memorable was a drought year when you had to pipe water up from Pinchot Lake. People warn about yellow snow, but that year we had green snow from the algae in the water. Thanks for the great runs.