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If I Were Your Resort, I’d Stop Generating Traffic for YouTube and Vimeo

November 6, 2013 -- Gregg Blanchard

There have been a few times recently where I've honestly had to keep from smirking when discussing Twitter.

Each time a common insight has come up from social media marketers who complain, in one form or another, that:

"I just don't get a lot of traffic from Twitter. It's great for other things, but it doesn't generate many site visitors."

Whistler, Aspen, and Keystone’s Freeskier Print Ads Come Under the Microscope

October 28, 3013 -- Gregg Blanchard

In the World of Ski Print Ads, This Reigns King... but What About Others?

October 28, 2013 -- Gregg Blanchard

It’s been a while since I talked about print ads. A long while, but I do have an excuse.

Ready? I didn’t see any.

Well, I saw some, but they were few and far between or hyper-local and not representative of resorts as a whole. So I waited...until last week when the Freeskier resort guide came with not one, not two, but ELEVEN resort print ads. Hallelujah.

The Email That I Believe Needs to Accompany Every Lesson in Skiing

October 8, 2013 -- Gregg Blanchard

When I was a kid, I used to silently worry about weird stuff. Like, somehow, I had mixed up the day of the backpacking trip and I was going to show up at my scout leader’s doorstep a day early loaded to the gills with gear. Or that I had mixed up the time of a birthday party and I’d be three hours early.

Ray Weller - Breckenridge, CO

Ray Weller

Breckenridge, CO
Snowmaker since 1992

Ken Mack - Loon Mountain

Ken Mack

Loon Mountain, N.H.
Snowmaker since 1999

Ceteris Paribus, This One Idea Really Makes Sugarloaf’s Content Strategy Shine

MTS: Marketing for Growth in the 21st Century

This year's Mountain Travel Symposium focused on expanding the winter sports market. And the two-day Forum was full of great takeaways for a brighter future. There is a sea of change coming in our guests: are you prepared to be out in front? Are you communicating with guests and potential guests with the right tools?

For the Ski Patrollers

The death of Alpine Meadows patroller Bill Foster shook the Lake Tahoe community in a very big way. Foster was a 30-year veteran, a mentor and a friend to everyone he ever worked with in the industry. During routine avalanche control work on December 24, 2012, Foster stood in the “safe-spot” when the charge was thrown. No one expected the resulting avalanche to reach him, but it did. He had probably stood in that exact spot hundreds of times before.



“The weather factor will always be the challenge. It will not go away. It has been with the ski industry from day one.”