The Lovely Simplicity of Snowbird’s Content Strategy from Opening Day 2013

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Gregg Blanchard -- January 16, 2014

I love simplicity.

From design to strategy, minimizing complexity (my clever way of not saying “simplicity” again) has served me very, very well over the years.

So when I saw what Snowbird did on their opening day, I smiled.

First 50
As the teeming masses eagerly waited for the first chair, Snowbird’s photog, Matt Crawley, found a comfy spot a hundred yards or so up the liftline, got his camera ready and snapped off 50 pics.

One of each of the first 50 chairs.

Those are the first five, the rest are equally simple, yet awesome.

Up in Lights
I love me some “name up in lights” tactics as well, so when you take a look at how many people tagged themselves (or friends) in these photos, it’s pretty awesome to think of the trickle down effects of this quick-to-produce photo gallery.
Stoke was captured, stoke was shared, and the reward for getting first chair got a hint of social sweetening.

Great stuff.

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