Active Americans Raise Sights for Holiday Spending

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SAM Magazine-Boulder, Colo., Oct. 7, 2011-Active Americans plan to increase spending on sports, recreation and fitness gear by 11 percent in 2011, according to a mid-September survey by Leisure Trends Group (LTG). Its Most Active Americans Panel (MAAP) estimated it would spend an average of $584, 11 percent above the $526 Active Americans estimated prior to holiday 2010.

Outdoor apparel is the most desired product category this holiday season, on the wish list of 40 percent of active Americans. Bikes (31 percent) and bicycle accessories (28 percent) are among the top wish list items this year. Snowsports apparel shows the greatest increase in winter sports, with a 21 percent gain.

Winter sports comparisons are less dramatic than some due in part to last year's preferences, where winter sports gear was among the most highly sought of all sports products. Overall, the spending plans indicate that outdoor sports enthusiasts continue to open their wallets as they have made sports a top priority.

The results are based on 3,137 responses.