Arizona Snowbowl to Open Mar. 17

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SAM Magazine-Flagstaff, Ariz., Mar. 14, 2006-The Arizona Snowbowl will open on Friday, Mar. 17, after a recent storm cycle dropped 56 inches of snow. Snowbowl had received just 22 inches in the 2005-06 season prior to the recent storms, leading to the latest opening in the resort's history.

"We are happy to finally open for the skiers and snowboarders of Arizona," said JR Murray, Snowbowl's GM. "At this time, we are hoping to remain open for several weeks. It all depends on how the mountain conditions hold up and a possible storm system this coming weekend. But we will be open as long as we can."

Snowbowl has no snowmaking, and this season has proved the need for it. The area has been seeking permission to use reclaimed water to feed its proposed snowmaking system, and the courts recently rejected a suit brought by Native Americans to bar Snowbowl's plan.



well, it shows that the snowbowl needs snowmaking so desparately.
I previously attended NAU and worked full time at the snowbowl for several seasons. I knew than that the area
needed the addition on snowmaking and lift, parking and
lodge improvements.
The terrain is outstanding, the service excellent.

The snowbowl has tremendous potential with a captive market that would GO if there is SNOW.
The current plan to add snowmaking will give flagstaff the
needed winter tourist influx and economic boom.

I ended up moving back home to Vermont, and working
for 12 years in the ski area/ski school management at
an area of the country that knows the reliability of snowmaking on their bottom lines.

The same will be true for the Snowbowl, it has some of the
best terrain in the southwest, a captive large market of skiers.
I hope they are ready for what consistent quality snow base will do for them and handling the increase in crowds!!
There current plan will give them as much coverage as some
southern californian areas, and definitely the most coverage
in Arizona and New Mexico and Southern CO/Utah.

The management at the Snowbowl deserves a tremendous amount of applause and praise for the painstaking environmental procedures and forest service hearings and
court proceedings and coming out of them looking like

Best of Luck, cant wait to ski on some of the first manmade
snow at the snowbowl next season!!