Bromley to Be Run by Fairbank and Son

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SAM Magazine-June 7, 2011-The operating partners of Jiminy Peak, Mass., and Cranmore Mountain Resort, N.H., Brian and Tyler Fairbank, have been tapped to run Bromley Mountain in Vermont. The Fairbanks and Bromley owner Joseph O'Donnell have signed a management agreement that places the Fairbanks in charge of all aspects of Bromley resort operations.

Bill Cairns, former director of resort operations, has been promoted to GM and will manage day-to-day operations. He replaces former president Rich Wiseman, who retired in early May. "This is a tremendous opportunity," said Cairns, a 30-year veteran at Bromley. "I am looking forward to helping to lead Bromley at an exciting time for the mountain."

The Fairbanks will bring their expertise to the Vermont ski area and, among other things, will revamp the area's kids' and learn-to-ski programs. Bromley also has a thriving program of summer activities, and one can assume the Fairbanks will take steps to further enhance the year-round opportunities at the area, based on their successful program at Jiminy.

Brian Fairbank told SAM, "we are really excited to bring Bromley into the family. We are looking forward to working on the potential synergies between all the resorts we manage."

"It seemed like a perfect fit," said O'Donnell. "This gives us the opportunity to leverage all of what makes Bromley special with the business practices that have been so successful at Jiminy, and now Cranmore." O'Donnell has owned Bromley since 1986. \



Congratulations guys! This is a great time in the history of Bromley for sure. What a great team. Best wishes all.

Great News!

What a wonderful opportunity for all! Couldn't happen to a better place than Bromley, to a better man than Cairns and a better team than Fairbanks! Congrats...