Cockaigne Not to Open

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SAM Magazine--November 4, 2011--Cockaigne Ski Area, N.Y., recently announced on its website that it would not open this year and is actively looking for a buyer.

"For the first time since 1965 Cockaigne Ski Area will not be open for skiing this winter!," says the area's website.

"The search for a new owner who will operate Cockaigne next year is underway. A new owner only needs to put up a lodge in order to operate next year. All of the lifts, grooming and snowmaking equipment is ready to go. Although there are over 1,500 acres owned by Cockaigne, it can be operated on only 200 acres...thereby reducing the sale price for a new owner.

"For more information concerning what is included and the sale price, contact Andrew Goodell at 716-664-4705. "

The ski area has run into a spate of problems, starting with a fire last January that burned down its Austrian World's Fair ski lodge. Over the summer, the area was victim to vandalism and burglary. The 82-year-old owner, Jack VanScoter, decided not to rebuild the lodge and seek an owner instead.