Control of Belleayre To Go To ORDA

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SAM Magazine--March 28, 2012--The NY-state-owned Belleayre Ski Center has found a new overseer with the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA), which operates both Whiteface and Gore Mountain for the State of N.Y. Until now, Belleayre was under the control of the Department of Environmental Conservation.

The move is expected to benefit Belleayre in many ways, namely by revitalizing the ski area into a year-round destination, creating jobs and a viable tourist attraction. Under the terms of the new state budget, ORDA will be required to assure that Belleayre will be a year-round destination with sufficient capital investment to do so. In addition, two new board members from two counties will be appointed and there will be an ORDA office at the resort.

Presumably, the region's skiers and snowboarders can expect some new deals between the three resorts and some much-needed upgrades at Belleayre. \


President Ski Areas of New York, Inc

This is a very positve move and will benefit Ulster and Delaware Counties as well as be a springboard for marketing the Catskills as a region!
Kudos to ORDA and NYS!