Could Whaleback Make a Comeback?

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SAM Magazine--Enfield, N.H., December 15, 2004--Whaleback Mountain has seen a lot of tire kickers since it closed in 2001. Many have viewed the small hill, which is tucked in behind Sunapee off of route 89, as a failing prospect given all the competition in Vermont and New Hampshire for snow sliders. Others see the small area as an untapped resource, such as Olympian Evan Dybvig.

Dybvig has plans to convert Whaleback into a freeskiing mecca by next winter, according to Channel 3 news in Vermont. The deal has not been done, but current Whaleback owner, Tim Herbert, expects to close by spring.

In addition to becoming an all-mountain terrain park for skiers and snowboarders, Dybvig is planning on building a training gym for year-round freestyle practice.

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