Denver Parks Department To Create Urban Terrain Park

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SAM Magazine - Denver, Co, November 7, 2006 - It's a gutsy, innovative move that could change the face of skiing and snowboarding. It's also the kind of bold action that you'd expect from Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, who made his fortune as an entrepreneur in the restaurant business.

Hickenlooper was the most famous face among many city of Denver notables on hand for a press conference/rail jam in downtown Denver to announce the creation of an urban terrain park at Denver's Ruby Hill park. The project will be a partnership between Winter Park Resort (which, while managed by Intrawest, is owned by the city of Denver) and the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation.

This innovative park will complement the award winning Denver skatepark, and is seen as a natural way to introduce urban youth to skiing and snowboarding. Entrance to the park will be free, and the park will offer skiers and snowboarders a variety of rails, from beginner to expert. Winter Park staff will be intimately involved with the park and will be working with volunteers to train them in park safety and newschool riding techniques and education. Should the park become successful, expect it to be a model for other urban environments with lots of snow and plenty of kids with time on their hands during the long, cold months of winter. \


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My experience has been that many boarders go to an existing area, and never leave the park. I'd be a little concerned that while municipally-run parks may help to get some significant numbers started in the sport, many may never leave to actually go to a local area - and many kids who do currently patronize their local areas may think the "town park" is all they need, especially if it's cheaper and closer.

Good stuff

Yeah Righty says:
"Good for them! I thought of this idea about 5 years ago...only a commercial version"

Of course you did! The expert speaks. Bow down! LOL! BUT - Did you know that they are going to install the rope tow manufactured by Motorsports Engineering??? Just kidding. . . .

Agreed, (and I admit it, I'm agreeing with crotchety old Yeah Righty! It's almost embarrasing after reading his posts about Woodbury) it's a really great idea. It has the potential to be very powerful and given the fact that many cities have already dealt with the risk managment of this type of thing with skateparks, I can see the concept spreading rapidly, especially in the east.

Professor Ski Area Operations

This could be the start of something really big! Think of the similar mutually beneficial relationships between these urban settings and nearby ski/ride resorts. In many community parks across this country, kids put up rails and features only to have them torn down by the park officials. This is definitely better!