EcoGroomer Goes Into Production

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SAM Magazine-Denver, Dec. 2, 2011-Colorado-based Eco-Groomer is initiating production of its first 60 energy-efficient snow processing units. These units add two additional "outrigger" tillers to a standard snowcat and increase the coverage area by 200 percent. The units are said to increase the fuel efficiency of grooming operations by 35 percent or more.

A U.S.-based construction and agricultural equipment manufacturer and a defense industry sub-contractor, as well as a Canadian firm, are supplying major components of the machines. Fabrication will be done at a facility in the Upper Midwest, and will employ 20 to 30.

According to the company, Rocky Mountain resorts will be the first to receive the new machines, followed by others in California and the Pacific Northwest, where the Eco-Groomer's extra-wide path can be put to maximum use.

Initially capitalized by founder Daniel Osborne and a small group of investors, EcoGroomer aims to tap the capital markets and secure the financing required to execute its long-term goal, which is to serve resorts across North America and, eventually, Europe.