End Of An Era: Taos Allows Single Plankers

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SAM Magazine - Taos, NM., December 14, 2007 - Burton can take one of four areas off its poaching list-Taos' management has decided to reverse a long-standing ban on snowboarding, effective March 19.

"While there are many reasons why we have chosen this season to make such a significant change to our company's policy the foremost factor is we feel simply that it is time," says Alejandro Blake, who adds that, "For several seasons the debate has been more directed as to "when" rather than "if" snowboarding would be permitted at Taos Ski Valley."

Resort management adds that, "it has been the opinion of the Blake Family and TSV's management that the timing was critical. Let us emphasize that this decision is the result of careful planning and consideration. We recognize many challenges that will result from this decision but feel ultimately it will benefit Taos Ski Valley, Inc., its employees and the community at large." \


USASA Founder

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Best Wishes and I know the entire snowboard community is excited about this development!


Not Certain About this Move

I can feel C.J.'s pain.

Deer Valley, Alta, and Mad River have created business plans that are viable without attracting the snowboard culture so why is Taos unable to do so. Ernie Blake made it clear of his intentions. I guess his children have been unable to operate in this spirit their father intended. There is also the cost involved in building terrain parks, half pipes, etc. Why should skiers subsidize those. Boarders should pick up the tab.

To suggest that snowsport enthusiasts are all equal is not entirely true. Do we allow snowmobilers on cross country trails?


Good move, Taos! And, C.J., shame is right..shame on you for not supporting the entire snowsports family! We know our skier numbers are challenged by changes in user markets, and as a 'managing director' , I'm sure you see the benefit in embracing all snow users to cultivate core user growth (to ensure the health of the entire snowsport community)! After all, we're all here because we love the snow, right? Any skier or rider who is not following the skier's code can be approached and educated by members of our community - in a respectful and helpful manner...you were a newbie once, right? Who helped you learn skier etiquette? Cheers!

Managing Director

What a shame! I don't mind the good snowboarders who carve and are a joy to watch. What bothers me are those who sideslip the mountain and lay in the middle of the trails. Although we generally only visit Taos two weeks a year, I guess we might as well just increase our visits to Colorado and Utah, as there is nothing unique about Taos anymore.

Lee is living in the past

I think Lee is part of a dying breed of skiers who are too blind to see that there is nothing to fear from snowboarding. Every statement he made about snowboaders having no clue what their doing and terrorizing skiers is 100% false and borderline racist. To be factual there is a much quicker learning curve for snowboarding and thus much less snowboarders on the mountain not knowing what they are doing completely. As a skier who is in the terrain park most of the time I can attest that novice skiers account for 80% of the people who should not be in the terrain parks or who use it improperly. I have twice almost landed on a young skier who decided to sit on the landing of a jump, snowboarders know better.

The all mighty buck wins out again

I\\'m very disappointed I have backed off on the amount of skiing I do because I\\'m afraid of Boarders on the slope. A majority of them have no clue what they are doing and terrorize skiers all the time. But I understand why Taos did it. There is a lot of money being spent by the boarders Good Luck! \

About Time

Sweet,it's about time.My family and I will definetly come and visit.Thanks for doing the right thing.It can only get better from here.

Who are the other 4?

I thought Taos was one of 4 resorts that didn't allow snowboarding; press release says 5. I thought the 4 were:

Deer Valley
Mad River Glen

Who's the 5th?


I am very excited about this! We have been part of several areas that have accepted us and witnessed the positive effects on families ski visits! Thanks for dong the right thing.

not all skiers are alike

I understand where you are coming from Jeremy, but your kind of forgetting that there are just as many skiers riding in todays terrain parks and half pipes. The days where skiers aren't allowed in terrain parks and boarders aren't allowed at some mountains are coming to a close. The industry is changing and if your not going with it your gunna get left behind.