End Of An Era: Taos Allows Single Plankers

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SAM Magazine - Taos, NM., December 14, 2007 - Burton can take one of four areas off its poaching list-Taos' management has decided to reverse a long-standing ban on snowboarding, effective March 19.

"While there are many reasons why we have chosen this season to make such a significant change to our company's policy the foremost factor is we feel simply that it is time," says Alejandro Blake, who adds that, "For several seasons the debate has been more directed as to "when" rather than "if" snowboarding would be permitted at Taos Ski Valley."

Resort management adds that, "it has been the opinion of the Blake Family and TSV's management that the timing was critical. Let us emphasize that this decision is the result of careful planning and consideration. We recognize many challenges that will result from this decision but feel ultimately it will benefit Taos Ski Valley, Inc., its employees and the community at large." \