European Update: Survey Reveals 11% of Holidaymakers Ski When Drunk

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SnowHunter--UK, January 9, 2008-- A new study commissioned by travel insurance company InsureandGo has found that 11% of people have skied whilst drunk. Around 9% of people said they had skied whilst slightly tipsy, two percent whilst, "moderately drunk" and one percent whilst "very drunk."

Perry Wilson, managing director of InsureandGo said: "Being drunk on the slopes is dangerous, and if you injure yourself or somebody else as a result of this, you may invalidate your insurance cover. This could mean that as well as nursing broken bones, you may also have to pay for a hefty medical bill yourself."

The study, the results of which have just been published, was based on an independent online survey conducted by Canvasse Opinion from Experian. A total of 1544 responses were obtained across the UK amongst adults aged 18 and over, between November 8th and 13th, 2007.

The research further revealed that of those people who admit to having skied or snowboarded under the influence of alcohol, 19% said that they have had an accident whilst doing this; with four per cent saying it caused a serious injury to themselves or someone else.

The research also found that 17% of people aged 35 - 44 interviewed who have skied or snowboarded before have done so under the influence of alcohol, which is the highest percentage of any age group surveyed. On a regional basis, London has the highest percentage of skiers and snowboarders who admit to having done this (19%).
Commenting on drinking on the slopes, Dr Guy Ratcliffe, Medical Director of the Medical Council on Alcohol, said, "Alcohol makes people less inhibited, which in turn can make them more prepared to take risks. In ski resorts, where people are often drinking at lunchtime and then returning to the slopes, there are obvious dangers that could be caused by over-confident people taking more risks than they usually would. Alcohol can also inhibit your reaction times, so the combination of over-confidence and slower reactions is of real concern in an environment which is already dangerous enough if not properly respected."


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(In a very sarcastic voice) \\"Drinking whilst intoxicated, you must be kidding me\\"!!!!!!

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