Finally, Everyone Is Taking Conversion Seriously

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SAM Magazine—Woodbury Conn., Feb. 7, 2014—After years of circling around the conversion question, resorts across North America are deploying new and innovative approaches to the learning experience. Novel programs aimed at increasing trial and conversion are seeing big success at several resorts, and were all the rage at the NSAA East and West winter fairs. Conversion will also be the focus of the upcoming Conversion Camp at Jiminy Peak March 4-6. The Camp is hosted by SAM Magazine and Snow Operating Inc., whose principal, Joe Hession, made some of the most talked-about presentations at the NSAA shows.

At Conversion Camp, attendees will experience terrain-based learning on-snow and investigate other teaching programs, explore the value and impact of immersive and interactive learning experiences with experts from within and outside our industry, and demo cutting-edge rental gear. Attendees will also hear from a leading expert on play research about how to harness the power of play.

Conversion Camp will demonstrate how resorts can make the first day not just easier, but also supercharge the fun factor for an unforgettable overall experience.

To get the full story, including the full schedule and reservations info, head to Camp is fast approaching and space is limited in this program.