Getting Zippy At Wildcat

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SAM Magazine - Pinkham Notch, NH, January 8, 2007 - While common in Europe, zip lines are just starting to make inroads in North America. The latest resort that has announced plans to install zip lines is New Hampshire's Wildcat Mountain.

Wildcat's zip line , which should be operational by June, will feature two cables, allowing for side-by-side rides. Located on the Cheetah Race Trail, the zip - which will operate year round - will descend 2,100 feet over ski runs, treetops, and the Peabody River to a landing platform located on the northern-most point of the main parking lot. Riders are expected to travel at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour down a 12 percent grade, on cables suspended at heights of up to 70 feet above the ground. The Snowcat Triple Chair will provide lift service to the ride.

The zip will be supplied by ZipRider. ZipRider technology is based on the familiar concept of the backyard zip line, however, unlike backyard rides, the ZipRider trolly is designed to brake automatically while the rider, who is strapped securely into a comfortable harness, descends cable gradients ranging from five to 40 percent.

"We're really excited to add the ZipRider to our activities here at Wildcat," says Tom Caughey, Wildcat's General Manager. "It fits in with our 'mountain culture' and unique location. Installation requires minimal intrusion on the land, needing only two towers on either end of the cables. For skiers and riders, it offers yet another exciting, fun way to zoom down the mountain; and to our summer guests, it offers a unique adventure for individuals or families in one of the East's most spectacular locations."