Goar Chosen to Head The Canyons

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SAM Magazine-Park City, Utah, Sept. 27, 2007-Michael Goar has been named managing director of The Canyons. He has 31 years of ski resort industry experience, most recently as executive vice president and general manager of Solitude Mountain Resort. Goar joined Solitude in 1981 and has held a variety of management positions; since 1991 he has been responsible for overall operations. 

"I am thrilled to welcome Mike to The Canyons. His long record of accomplishment at Solitude across operations, marketing and real estate development will serve him well in his new position," said B.J. Fair, president and CEO of American Skiing Company. Goar will assume his new duties at The Canyons Oct. 15 and will report directly to Fair.


Barnyard games

Which cats are in need of herding ? If I were Mike I'd spend my time figuring out how to get on the big dog bonus plan before the Osguthorpe's, Kenny G, and the lawyers shut the place down.


Ivan is a top notch guy. If anyone can rein in some of the out of control departments there he can. Tough job though, sort of like hearding cats.


I agree with Ken. Why do we have to bash previous management or incoming management? I think we should all wish the resort and the new manager well. Hopefully lawsuits will be settled, the resort experience will improve, the financials of the resort will improve and everyone will be happy.
Life is short, let's all go skiing.

On a positive note, how about ...

...a simple, old-fashioned, heartfelt \\"CONGRATULATIONS and BEST OF LUCK\\" to Mike. Like the majority of dedicated resort-industry professionals, I\\'m certain he will try to do his best with what he has to work with to solve the challenges he faces.

Welcome, you have your hands full

Boo wh0-so when will BJ leave and when will the new guy clean house and get rid of the bad attitudes especially in service departments. Or maybe some folks will have to do there jobs for a change as somone is watching, lets see who can measure up. Ever wonder why departments like HR have such a high turn over? Perhaps its the conditions that have to work in or for. The hr department needs to let Mnagers do there own hiring, its sad that DG makes decisions on who can or cannot be hired. Maybe the new guy should start with her. Welcome to the ship-hopefully not all the rats will leave