Hidden Valley Club, N.J., Doesn't Sell at Auction

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SAM Magazine--Vernon, N.J., October 2, 2013--UPDATE: After announcing an auction for October 1, Hidden Valley remains unsold after no-one bid on the resort. According to The Star-Ledger, bidding was expected to start at $2.75 million (an amount that would cover debts and fees). The auction house is still hopeful that someone will make an offer. In the meantime, it is researching other uses for the 140-acre parcel.

The description on auctionadvisors.com, says, "Established in 1976, Hidden Valley is a premier ski resort located on 140± acres in Vernon, NJ. The property has over 25,000±sf of improvements including a main lodge, rental and maintenance facilities, and much more. All furniture, fixtures, equipment, trade names, goodwill and other rights as well as a bar/restaurant with liquor license is also being offered as part of the sale. The property is less than an hour’s drive from Manhattan and has been catering to a steady clientele since it was founded."

According to NJ.com, the auction was a result of a state court liquidation proceeding. The resort was bought in 2007 by a group of investors who planned on expanding the area. As financing dried up, the resort shut its doors at the end of last season.

The auction company claims that resort is ready for operation, with snowmaking and lighting in place.


Property values

Property values in HV have decreased due to the ski area closing the disrepair of Curtis Dr.,the HV property owners assoc.,. in financial distress leaving the club house all boarded up,the tennis courts a shambles, 3 foot grass and posted signs no trespassing. It now appears the area is going to be made into a summer camp. PBA is involved. If iner city children are involved it won't do a thing to improve property values. It is going to take 3 million + just as starters. The ski area has been closed for 3 years now. Lifts need servicing, the lodge and ski patrol building need extensive repairs. This place is a disaster looking for a place to happen. Yet some home owners who have listed their houses seem to think their home are worth big bucks. The ones who have successfully sold got sticker shock. The longer this goes on the lower the property values will sink. My advice. Caveat emptor.

2013-14 Season Passes

Bought 2013-14 season passes for this place. Anyone know if there is anyway to get refund?

Competition means everything here...

with Mountain Creek next door, the place will never compete effectively...its less than a quarter of the size, with antiquated equipment...best use for it would be for Mountain Creek to buy it, then create a snowboard park, and do racing over there ...

Dismal snowmaking

Hidden valley has no chance of competing unless they upgrade their entire snowmaking system. They only have a handful of portable snowmakers so while mountain creek is blowing snow on their entire mountain hv is blowing about one half of a trail at a time. Browse Along, which is a great trail, has not been open in 2 years. Things were so bad last year that my kids rebelled and refused to ski hv anymore. Even though we were season pass holders we stopped going in Feb and started going to mountain creek and pa.

The lies

This whole article is full of lies. They didn't shut the doors at the end of last season. They pulled the plug in sept. They're have been minor improvments over 2 yrs. And as stated in the previous comment. The mtn, facilities and lifts are nowhere near being ready for this upcoming season.

That place is nowhere near

That place is nowhere near ready for operation this season