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SAM Magazine—Homewood, Calif., Jan. 8, 2013—Homewood Mountain Resort’s expansion plan has been put on hold temporarily. U.S. District Judge William B. Shubb ruled that Placer County and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency approved the Homewood plan without considering whether a smaller (and less environmentally impactful) project would suffice, as required by law.

A coalition of conservationists and Homewood residents have argued for a smaller project at Homewood, and sued to stop the approved plan. In ruling that the initial decision process was flawed, the judge ordered TRPA and the county to reconsider a scaled-back plan that would reduce the number of overnight accommodations from 336 to 284. The final determination will consider both the economic viability and the environmental impact of each option.

It’s possible that the initial decision will be upheld and that the project will move forward, but no work can begin until the review is completed.

Art Chapman, chairman of Homewood owner JMA Ventures, said the ruling upheld most of the environmental aspects of the initial decision, and provides a “clear road map” for the project to proceed with relatively minor revisions to the environmental document.

"JMA looks forward to working with the county and TRPA to address Judge Shubb's concern," Chapman added. “The ruling does nothing to undermine JMA's resolve to redevelop Homewood into the charming, environmentally sensitive, viable project it has the potential to be."


No West Shore development!

Occupancy rates in Tahoe are incredibly low as it is. More hotel rooms will not guarantee more visits. Have you seen how vacant Squaws Village is? Increased traffic and unnecessary development on the west shore would be a travesty.

Homewood is a great project

What a pity that all projects in the USA are designed by Committees and judges. The renovation of Homewood would pull the area 60 years forward and benefit the economy and the environment. Good luck JMA.