Homewood Gets Nod for Big Expansion

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SAM Magazine--December 16, 2011--Homewood Mountain Resort, Calif., got approval of its redevelopment plan by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) on December 14. Homewood, which is owned by JMA Ventures, a minority investor in Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, will undergo a transformation to an "upscale boutique resort" with a five-star hotel, ski chalets and an alpine village, reported the Sacramento Bee.

The TRPA OKed the first phase of the $500 million project, which will begin in 2014, and paves the way for a 75-room hotel and a village, including an ice rink that becomes a miniature golf course in the summer, and retail outlets.

Eventually, the 1,200-acre resort will offer condominiums, housing, faster lifts, bike trails and boating facilities.

To mitigate environmental concerns, the resort will provide an erosion control plan to prevent sediment from entering the lake, as well as shuttle services to relieve traffic congestion.


Very Sad for Locals.

Not only are we losing a "locals mountain", but affecting all the locals who live in the area as well. Increased traffic, noise, people. Everything that makes Homewood great. I wonder if we'll see an exodus of existing residents.
Is it too late, Homewood, to change your mind?

Why try and fight it?

Why is Homewood going to try and compete for the upper class market share when they have superpowers like Squawpine and Northstar RIGHT around the corner. If anything, they should focus on remaining cheap, local and un-crowded. I feel like this is their best chance right now. Good luck with this expansion that is going to be a $500 million failure.


Gosh, I hope there is a whole lot more to the story than what was reported here. Is having an erosion plan and using a shuttle bus really considered adequate mitigation for an unnecessary development of this scale? I agree with the other posters...this sounds like a bad plan and a sad day for planet earth.

Very sad news. A gem will be lost.

Very sad news. A gem will be lost.

Been There

Only one question....Where are they going to park these folks after they turn the parking lot into lodging and an ice rink?


Homewood is the last Retro Ski Area in Tahoe. Famous for $25. weekday lift tickets and no crowds, an awesome secret stash. That is over now as this will now be a snobbish wealthy enclave... Farewell old Tahoe friend, its been real!

Homewood Mountain Resort

Major bummer for the quite west shore of Tahoe.... it should not be turned into a South Shore...