Indoor Skiing in NJ Back On

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SAM Magazine--June 30, 2011--The stalled multi-billion-dollar shopping complex and entertainment complex that includes an indoor ski slope in the Meadowlands in N.J., is back on. The state's Legislature voted yesterday to make the Meadowlands eligible for the Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant program, clearing the way for up to $200 million in state dollars.

Originally called Xanadu, the $2.7 billion complex was slated to open in 2007, but hit several funding roadblocks. This past May, mall developer Triple Five took over the project, renamed it The American Dream, and plans on opening in the fall of 2013.

Ultimately, the complex will include retail, water parks, a skating rink, movie theaters, the indoor ski slope, and much more. It would be the first indoor slope in the U.S.


status on the indoor ski

What is the current status of the indoot ski slope in nj as of march 2013?

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