Jackson Hole Ski Area to Retire Aerial Tram

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SAM Magazine-Jackson Hole, Wyo., June 28, 2005-Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will retire its Aerial Tramway, estimated to have carried over 2 million passengers winter and summer since 1966, in September 2006. A replacement for the lift has not yet been determined.

Owners of the resort, the Kemmerer Family, and the mountain's management decided to decommission the tram before any safety concerns arise, although lift inspectors have determined it still has several years of useful life yet.

"Our family is committed to a zero risk approach, so we think this proactive stance is the best," explained Jay Kemmerer. "We know this may impact our business . . . but we are committed to the best long term solution." Added JHMR president Jerry Blann, "The Tram is nearing the end of her natural life-she's a child of the '60's that's been going 100 percent summer and winter and has earned a graceful retirement." The resort is considering several alternatives for replacing its iconic tram.


Time for a Funitel

Put in a Funitel. Keeps the ride short and we don't have to wait to get crammed into the tram car.

skiers held hostage

One of the largest ski areas in the country is now crying poor. You've got to be kidding me. What kind of business are they running?
Was the tram supposed to last forever? There should've been an account set up to fund replacement or upgrades.
JHMR blames the engineers for not getting them the information they needed in time.
The engineers are irrelevant. An account should've be started the day the tram open its doors. The tram is Jackson Hole skiing. Its is there brand.
So now because of their ineptitude they are looking for the public to bail them out via government assistance through grants or ecomomic development money.
Hopefully politicians would consider forcing lift and pass prices down as a condition of government assistance. But in all reality, some senator or congressman is going to get a nice pad at the Four Seasons and skiers wallets will get mugged once again.

Huge Money

Too bad Jackson doesn't want to spend the money to keep the Tram. It is an awesome machine, with lots of history.

Huge bummer

I certainly hope there will still be access to the summit.


Better be another tram to acess that great terain..