JMA Completes Purchase of Alpine Meadows

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SAM Magazine-Tahoe City, Calif., July 31, 2007-San Francisco-based real estate investment firm JMA Ventures has completed its purchase of Alpine Meadows. No sale price has been disclosed.

Art Chapman,president of JMA Ventures, has a vested interest in the area. "My family and I have skied here for decades. My kids grew up skiing here," he said. JMA's priority will be "to offer the friendly, welcoming, ambiance that everyone-from destination visitors to locals-remembers about Alpine Meadows," he added.

JMA specializes in the development and refurbishment of historical landmark properties and serves as managing member of over $800 million in existing projects. The company has been involved with Ghirardelli Square, Rincon Park Restaurants and 706 Mission Street in San Francisco. Locally, it owns Homewood Mountain Resort and the Hotel Avery in Truckee.



in the last six months Powdr has bought(as partners with SP Land) the biggest East Coast Resort as well as RSN while selling an under performing asset in Alpine Meadows.

Doesn't look at all like the collapse of ASC.

The begining of the end at Powdr Corp?

Is it the begining of another ASC-type divestiture for Powdr Corp?
Hang on to your hats! \