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SAM Magazine-Vashon Island, Wash., Apr. 27, 2007-As any local fueling up at the local java joint on a powder day will tell you, coffee and skiing go together like Vegas and drive-through weddings. The caffeine-skiing connection just became a bit closer as the Jarden Company, owner of such brands as Mr. Coffee, has announced the acquisition of K2 in a deal worth approximately $1.2 billion.

Jarden is a major player in corporate America, with a portfolio of brands that includes Sunbeam and Coleman as well as Crock-Pot and Oster. To these it is adding K2 brands Adio, Ex Officio, JT, K2, Marker, Marmot, Penn, Rawlings, Ride, Sevylor, Shakespeare, Stearns, Volkl and Worth. Jarden ranks #585 on the Fortune 1000 list of the largest corporations in the U.S. and has more than 20,000 employees worldwide. Jarden's corporate headquarters are in Rye, N.Y.

Jarden believes that K2 will provide significant growth opportunities and the ability to expand into adjacent markets. Martin E. Franklin, Jarden's chairman and CEO, said, "We are enormously excited about today's announcement as it marks another important step in our planned and disciplined growth strategy as a world-class, diversified, niche-oriented consumer products company. Adding K2's broad portfolio of leading brands to our portfolio will create cross-selling opportunities both domestically and internationally, will expand our presence in specialty channels, will further diversify our products, revenues and earnings, and will create additional scale to leverage in our supply chain, distribution, manufacturing and sourcing networks." K2's primary business lines will report through Jarden's Outdoor Solutions segment.

"We believe that Jarden is the perfect strategic partner for us," said Richard J. Heckmann, K2's executive chairman of the board. "Combining our world-renowned brands with Jarden's scale and innovative resources should bring tremendous value to our employees, retail partners and customers. I am extremely proud of our employees' accomplishments over the last five years, and I am excited about the road ahead for K2 as part of the Jarden family."

The sale is expected to close during the third quarter of 2007, subject to Hart-Scott-Rodino approval, the approval of K2's stockholders and other customary closing conditions.



this is going to be a huge blow to K2's legitimacy in my opinion. i can't speak for the skiing community but unfortunately it looks like a great board brand like K2 is going to completely singled out to huge sport store retailers and be completely singled out from specialty shops. maybe this is what they want but in my opinion, street cred to dedicated riders who depend on equipment that is actually going to withstand a single season is going to be abolished when they can walk into their parent's kitchen and see the same brand as K2 on the counter.

Dilution and De-valuation?

Is this the dilution that knocks K2 off the top of the heap in North America? Will it have implications for Volkl, Ride and Marker as well? As the not so subtle comments of Glen Plake continue to circulate on re-run footage of his SIA '07 interview on RSN, you have to wonder if his words and opinions aren't a bit prophetic. To paraphrase: Do you really want to be ripping down a mountain at 45 MPH on a board or pair of skis made by guys who build cheesy coffee makers? I really hope that Jarden can maintain or even improve the integrity of the groups' newly acquired winter sports brands. If not...Well; if I were the Elan, Fischer, Atomic or one of the smaller manufacturer companies, I'd be poised for my biggest R&D and marketing push ever.


Interesting, does this mean we are likely to see Chris Klug riding a K2 snowboard? Coupons for free snowboards when we buy enough products? Interesting to see if Rad-Air continues on with Volkl building the best longboards in the world? Funny how these corporate decisions "trickle down".

Enjoy the history , Bryan of www.oldsnowboards.com

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