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SAM Magazine—Ligonier Township, Pa., Oct. 10, 2012—State-owned Laurel Mountain Ski Resort will remain closed for at least another year. The 64-acre facility has been closed since 2005 despite efforts to reopen it.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort has agreed to operate the area, and has been assessing the infrastructure needs, which include the need for additional electrical power. The state has approved $6.5 million to expand water storage for snowmaking and upgrade the electrical infrastructure, but no work has been done. The lodge, chair lifts, snowmaking facilities, grooming equipment and maintenance facility are owned by Seven Springs.


Why is 7-S waiting?

Why would a company buy into a property and let it sit? Either they are buying out the competition or they truly wanted a 2nd feeder resort to have the 7-S branding in more than one place.

The state should hand it over to someone who really wants to promote the area as a lower cost / family winter resort than the $$$$ 7-S brand has to offer. I can no long afford the 7-S way of life.

With limited lodging and eats, the cities of Somerset, Latrobe and Greensburg would welcome the winter business and put people to work in the winter.....