A Lift Accident and a Base Lodge Destroyed by Fire Over the Weekend

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SAM Magazine--February 13, 2012--Two unfortunate incidents took place this past weekend in the ski industry. First, on February 11, three people were injured at Coffee Mill Ski and Snowboard Resort, Minn., when a chair fell from the rope thirty feet to the ground. The ski area was hosting a racing tournament when the accident happened around 1 p.m. The three injuries are non-life-threatening and an investigation is underway to determine how the chair came loose.

On Sunday night, a massive fire burned Mystic Mountain ski lodge at Nemacolin Woods in Pennsylvania. All employees made it out safely, but the lodge burned to the ground. According to published reports, the area is already working to set up temporary bases for guest services in order to finish out the season.


Chair fall??

It sounds more like the chair slid back and didn't fall.