Lodging at Eastern Resorts Looking Up

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SAM Magazine—Denver, Dec. 30, 2013—Lodging properties at a sample of Eastern mountain resorts are reporting a 13 percent increase in projected reservations revenue for 2013-14 over last year, according to the most recent data released by Denver-based DestiMetrics.

DestiMetrics has been collecting research data in the Eastern U.S. and Canada for the past three years, supplied by lodging properties at nine mountain resorts in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, West Virginia, and Tremblant, Quebec. The results are based on all reservations taken for arrival in the winter season as of Nov. 30.

DestiMetrics reports that each month in its winter season analysis (November through April) is showing an increase in reservations and room rate for the season, with the high-volume months of January and February leading the way with 12.1 and 9.5 percent occupancy gains and 19 and 16 percent revenue gains, respectively.

“The data not only indicates a positive outlook, but one that is more balanced than has been seen in recent memory,” said DestiMetrics director Ralf Garrison.

Garrison added that the body of research his firm collects from more than 30 ski destinations across the United States indicates that advanced reservation bookings have already equaled 53 percent of last year’s total. “It’s a better start than in several years, but the bulk of the season is still in front of the resorts, and both snow and the economy are wild cards that can’t be predicted,” he concluded.

DestiMetrics says that strong growth patterns across the country in recent months reflect a more confident travel consumer, better economic conditions and positive snow equity in the minds of consumers.