Media Group Moves Into Retail: Ski and Skiing magazines get retail partner in

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SAM Magazine - Boulder, Co., May 29, 2007 - Mountain Sports Media, the owners of Ski and Skiing Magazines, Warren Miller's SnoWorld and have announced the acquisition of by MSM., an online collective of retailers which sends business via the web to specialty retailers, was launched by Descente/DNA COO Bob Geiger in 2005. uses proprietary technology produced by Shopatron. The process sends consumers via the web to actual retail stores. The orders are then shipped or picked up from the store by the customer. This retailer-integrated e-commerce model has the benefit of supporting the specialty shop and a high level of customer service at local brick and mortar storefronts while also avoiding the complexities and cost of direct-to-consumer business models.

As part of the acquisition, will be re-launched as

The acquisition allows MSN's to provide a storefront for hard and soft goods via But the purchase may also raise questions about conflict of interest by linking hardgoods manufacturers who participate in the new e-tailer closer to MSN's media properties.

Currently brands such as Armada, Boeri USA, Head Tyrolia, Hestra Gloves, Hotfingers, Stockli and UVEX, among others, are partnered with These relationships should continue under

The acquisition should also create synergies between magazines like Ski and Skiing, which review some of the products which will be sold on the new storefront. These magazines will now be able to steer consumers directly to the products they read about, so that the reader can make a purchase. \