Mount Snow Sued Alli and Its Parent Company NBC et al for Breach of Contract

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SAM Magazine--West Dover, Vt., May 13, 2014--A jury found that there was a two-year contract in place between Mount Snow and Alli (whose parent company is NBC) with an option for a third year to host the Winter Dew Tour event.

Alli performed the first year of the contract by holding the Winter Dew Tour at Mount Snow in January of 2010 but did not hold the second event at Mount Snow in 2011. That year's Winter Dew Tour was hosted by Killington. The jury in the Brattleboro Federal Court awarded damages of $2.1 milion to Mount Snow for the actual breach of contract and added damages of $150,000 for actions of Alli that they considered to be in bad faith.

There are several outstanding issues before the court that still have to be addressed.