Mountain Collective, POW Team to Combat Climate Change

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SAM Magazine—Aspen, Colo., Aug. 5, 2013—The Mountain Collective, an alliance of independent mountain resorts—Aspen/Snowmass, Whistler, Alta, Snowbird, Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, Jackson Hole, and Mammoth—and Protect Our Winters (POW) are partnering in an effort to unite the winter sports community on climate change.

The partnership will include ongoing advocacy and cross-marketing initiatives, education, and community outreach to raise awareness and promote environmental sustainability. Additionally, POW members who purchase a Mountain Collective Pass will receive a year’s subscription to Powder magazine, and anyone who purchases a new Mountain Collective Pass will be offered a free one-year membership to POW.

“Through this groundbreaking partnership, The Mountain Collective has re-defined what a pass should be. It not only represents access to six world-class destinations, but the foresight to realize that climate change is a threat to our sport, and with that access comes a responsibility to protect it for the long term,” said POW’s executive director Chris Steinkamp.

“Partnering with a leading organization like POW serves to reinforce The Mountain Collective as the most forward-thinking alliance of its kind,” said Christian Knapp, vice president marketing, Aspen Skiing Company. “Together we can leverage the power of our brands to promote meaningful climate advocacy that resonates with mountain resorts and snow sports enthusiasts alike.”

According to NOAA, the last decade was the warmest on record. The new partnership believes that, without action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, winters will grow shorter—and with them, winter resorts’ seasons.

The Mountain Collective pass goes on sale Aug. 13. For $379 ($239 for children 12 and under), it offers two free days at each of the six destinations, plus half-price tickets for additional days, and season-long lodging discounts.


Arapahoe Basin was years ahead of the curve

Several years ago, Arapahoe Basin offered a Climate Club membership program for guests that were interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Guests who purchased memberships supported a project through AtmosClear to collect methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, that was coming out of a landfill. The methane was captured and then used to generate electricity. Without the Climate Club revenues, the methane would not have been captured at the landfill, and would have otherwise escaped to the atmosphere and contributed to climate change. Climate Club members received the "title" to the emission reduction benefits that their memberships paid for. They used their entitlements to offset vehicle emissions resulting from driving to and from A Basin, and they also received special offers from A Basin which rewarded them for doing good.

A Basin started years ago

Several years ago, Arapahoe Basin sold memberships for their Climate Club. The Climate Club provided members with independently verified emission reduction credits from renewable energy to offset members' emissions from driving to and from A Basin. Members also benefitted from special offers from A Basin. Several hundred memberships were sold over a few years. AtmosClear channeled the funds to a renewable energy project that reduced powerful methane emissions that would have otherwise contributed to climate change. I hope that POW enables its members to reduce their overall emissions, as well. UndoYourCO2!


Are we that far gone? Run lifts, Groom the hell out of everything, transport people there? And you folks are worried about climate change, Get a clue. You are a part of the problem. Not the solution..


If you folks are so concerned? Stop running the lifts. Stop attracting guests. Stop everything! Acting like you are all concerned about the environment is a farce.

No JHole ?

Isn't Jackson Hole in the Mountain Collective group ? (Yes, thanks for reminding us. -- Ed.)


Go POW!!!!!!!

Great step

Great to see leadership coming forward to take on this difficult challenge, for too long denied by many.