Mountain Rider's Alliance to Run Mt. Abram

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SAM Magazine--Greenwood, Maine, October 1, 2013--Building on an existing partnership, Mt. Abram, Maine, has hired Mountain Rider’s Alliance (MRA) to manage the ski area. MRA is a grassroots organization whose mission is to create sustainable mountain playgrounds. Led by GM Dave Scanlan, MRA personnel will fill other key positions of Mt Abram’s leadership team.

The 560-acre ski area and MRA began working together during the 2011-12 season when members of MRA formed part of the management team last season. Looking ahead, MRA has outlined a road map to convert ownership into a community-owned mountain playground—a move embraced by Mt. Abram's co-owners Rob Lally and Matt Hancock. A co-op steering committee has been formed and the work has begun to create the new entity.

“I’m very excited to lead the dedicated team of Mt Abram employees into a new era of the mountain’s fabled history,” says Dave Scanlan, co-founder and project manager of MRA. “I also look forward to integrating with the community and supporting the goals and ideals that will lead to a bright and prosperous future for all local residents and businesses.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased with MRA’s dedication to our mountain. We align with their values and look forward to a bright future,” say Rob Lally and Matt Hancock.


Mountain Rider's Alliance To Run Mt. Abram

Mt Abram has not been run well but has maintained a strong core of people who are committed to its sustainability and want badly to be a part of Mt Abram's success. With the help of the MRA, Mt A is about to move to the forefront of skiing by reviving the sport as something that is affordable for people who love to ski. It has become a rich person's sport which is a shame. The MRA's vision is something that might allow working-class families all over the country to continue to have skiing be a part of their winter. In a world where corporations have ruined so much of what is good, it is refreshing to see a place like Mount Abram and the MRA to come up with a better idea. Skiing doesn't need to be a corporate business that coasts 89 bucks a day. Hang in there, Mark. History is about to be made and you will likely want to become a more regular part of the Mt Abram scene.

Manitoba Mountain

Arthur, Progress has continued with the Manitoba Mountain project. The Kenai Borough has taken ownership of the base land and we have been discussions about a long term partnership.

Manitoba Mountain?

What happened to that project?

Mountain Rider's Alliance to Run Mt. Abram

I give it a year and then the place will be up for sale again or a new management company will roll in or some other issue will arise. Mt. Abram needs water to stay sustainable. They need a consistent message as to who they are and who they market to. I like the ski area. It is good. Show me a management company that won't be in and out in three years. This place has had more people run that you don't know what to expect anymore.