N.J. Helmet Law to Take Effect Nov. 1

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SAM Magazine-Vernon, N.J., Apr. 12, 2011-Gov. Chris Christie signed the New Jersey helmet law on Apr. 8, requiring all youths under age 18 to wear a helmet while skiing or riding in New Jersey. The law, the first statewide requirement for ski/ride helmets, takes effect Nov. 1.

Enforcement is left up to parents and guardians. The parent or guardian of youths who fail to wear helmets would face a $25 fine for the first violation, and $100 fines for any subsequent offenses.

"This marks a significant change in the industry we know," said Mountain Creek VP of marketing and sales Bill Benneyan. But not an unexpected one. "We're geared up and ready for it," he added. Mountain Creek has been requiring helmets for many employees, provides helmets for its kids programs and terrain park lessons, and has ensured that it has enough rental and retail inventory to meet next season's anticipated demand. And the area's customers are already at or above the national average for helmet use, which is nearly 60 percent.



wow, i cant wait til govt makes me wear a helmet while driving my car. \

NJ Helmet Law... OK, helmets are good but....

This legislation is over 20 years in the making, and unfortunately still misses the mark despite decades for the writers to get their collective act together. And I won't even comment about how the NJ Legislature SURELY has much bigger fish to be frying as of now.

There's no doubt that helmets are a good thing for skiers. But there's also no doubt that wearing them should not be mandatory. At least if nobody actually has responsibility for enforcement.

The thing is, this is unenforceable. The onus will ultimately fall to ski areas to police helmet usage. Why should a ski area have to layer this burden onto their paying customers? Oh, but it's really up to the parents, the bill says. True, but if a parent is not present or simply doesn't care, it's the SKI AREA operator who has to have the net to catch unhelmeted minors. What if they don't and a certain somebody (under the age of 18yrs) is injured at the resort? OOoops!

I'm uncomfortable with any legislation that requires all people of a certain class to DO SOMETHING (as opposed to NOT do something) that is ostensibly for their personal safety. If it's a school activity, make 'em wear a helmet to play sports (including skiing).

If it's an activity being performed on public roadways or other property, OK, well, whatever.

These and other examples are enforceable by existing government agencies or authorities. Wearing a helmet while skiing? Is there going to be a snow cop out there? No.

Requiring people to do something where there is no clear cut or stipulated enforcement authority? That's just lame!

NJ Helmet law - likely only the beginning

@Tom. Why must you make this a political issue? Requiring helmet use of minors is no different than requiring infant car seats or graduated licenses for driving. It is a public health and safety issue. TBI in youth robs the victims of life long health quality that all of society will pay for. Having such a law for minors emphasizes to parents that society recognizes that they are responsible for the safety of their children. Had the law passed and made a 3rd party responsible (ie fining the resort) you might have had a point but this makes the parent responsible - as they should be.

Ski Instructor

So here we have a Republican Governor who is opposed to government control and interferring with personal responsibility signing into a law a requirement that makes it a law for Government to controlling a persons life.