No Such Thing as a Perfect Avalanche?

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SAM Magazine-Lawrenceburg, Ind., Jan. 11, 2006-In a truly freak act of nature, the headwall at Perfect North Slopes fractured and avalanched Jan. 4 after a warm spell destabilized the machine-made snow at this Midwestern resort. The slide took out a lift tower on one lift and the electrical system on another. (SAM will provide photographic evidence of the slide in the March issue.)

Fortunately, the incident occurred at night after the area had closed, and no one was hurt. The lift tower has since been placed back in position, the electrical system is back on line, and groomers returned the snow to its proper place on the slope. Not everyone at Perfect North is so sure that it will stay there, however. "I will not laugh when the patrol closes the hill because of slide danger" in the future, said one staffer. \


Not a Freak Accident

With virtually the same scenario occuring at Perfect North Slopes and two New York areas over the past few seasons, maybe this occurrence should be looked into. While the HV and PNS "Slides" occurred while the slopes were closed, at least one of the New York slides may have been witnessed. Any theories from the engineers and snowmakers?

Perfect Avalanch

We had a similar occurence here at 7 Springs a few years ago. The damage was much less, but it did wipe out a snowmaking tower. As with the incident at Perfect North, no one was around when it occurred at night.

Rus Davies