Northstar Pimps Homeowners to Provide Employee Housing

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SAM Magazine-Truckee, Calif., Sept. 20, 2006-In an innovative program designed to allieviate some of the problems its employees face when looking for seasonal housing, Northstar has developed the "Rental Rewards Program," which offers free lift tickets or season's passes to homeowners who rent to the resort's employees for the season. The program runs through Northstar's Human Resources department, with homeowners listing vacancies with the Human Resources department. When a unit is rented to an employee, homeowners participating in the program can get either ten lift tickets or a season's pass for each address rented. The program does not extend to current rentals.

Northstar has not developed rental guidelines, but recommends that the cost of a rental be in the range of $300-$450 per room, not including utilities.


Homeowner perspective

Every little bit helps, but as a homeowner I doubt very much that this would be very appealing to other homeowners. Our monthly cash flow (out) is about $5,000. Giving up my home for the ski season in exchange for $500 a month and a season pass would be crazy. I can rent our home out for up to $500 per night to short-term renters when I'm not planning to use it.

The way I see it this primarily benefits the ski resort rather than the employees. Seasonal employees know what they are getting into and they are making a lifestyle choice (been there -- done that). If Northstar wants to provide housing for employees they should build it.

Been Done Before

This is not a new idea by any means and has been tried by other resorts, although there was a certain degree of success. The program if I recall was taken advantage of by those making fraudulent claims. Maybe Northstar has a more efficient way of making sure this does not occur?

This is a great idea

This really is great. I see this as a positive step in helping to bridge the gap between locals and seasonal employees. Hopefully seasonal employees will not take advantage of this and end up fitting into the stereotype that they commonly have by trashing their land lords homes/rentals.