Northstar-At-Tahoe Unveils Natural Jib Run

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SAM Magazine - Northstar-At-Tahoe, November 27, 2006 - Northstar-At-Tahoe has teamed up with legendary snowboard icon Jake Burton to design a natural jib run called The Stash. The run, developed by Burton and his team riders, features trees, jibs and road jumps constructed with wood logs and other materials native to the Lake Tahoe region.

"I've always been inspired by riders like Craig Kelly and Johan Olofsson who are so fluid and creative with big mountain runs, throwing in freestyle moves and hitting different natural features on the way down," says Burton, Founder and Chairman of Burton Snowboards.

"That's what The Stash is all about-going top to bottom with your friends, connecting hits and getting creative on organic features like trees, stumps, gaps and banks," Burton continues.

Much like Beaver Creek's pioneering jib run, Stickline, which was created out of natural materials (see SAM magazine, November 2006, page 44), The Stash is designed to feel like a favorite, misty tree run punctuated by natural jibs, gaps, pillow lines and transitions. Natural rail slides were built from huge logs and another feature, the CK Cabin, is a small hut that riders can jib or gap. The CK Cabin pays tribute to Craig Kelly, the legendary snowboarder who gave so much to the sport and inspired riders to shred the entire mountain.

"The Stash is simply that dream we all have of just cruisin' and hittin' all the dopest crap in one run-pow hits, logs and banks," says Burton Global Team rider Jeremy Jones.

Expect to see more resorts embrace concepts like The Stash and Stickline as an affordable alternative to more traditional terrain parks and as a way to meld natural terrain with freestyle skiing and riding. \


Ski Area Employee

It was only a matter of time until we saw more of these type of parks. The future and market is ever changing. Its the responsibility of the VP's and higher management to embrace these ideas. The resorts marketing to/towards them are and will be the winners. Its kind of funny, just a matter of a few years ago(4), the resort I work at wouldn't allow a rail made out metal, but didn't care as much with rails made out of wood(dead tree, wood flag pole).

Ski Resort Operations and Management yr 2 student

Sounds liek a great idea, and the tribute to CK... amazing! Im not a park rider, but something like this would make me want to learn, natural jumps are soo much cooler than man made hits.