Perkins Miller Joins Intrawest Colorado as Marketing and Sales VP

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SAM Magazine--Copper Mountain, Colo., Mar. 29, 2005--Perkins Miller, formerly director of business development for Mountain Sports Media, will become VP of marketing and sales for Intrawest Colorado in mid-April.

Miller will assume responsibility for conference and leisure sales, business development, call center operations, corporate partnerships, strategic alliances, advertising, public relations and Internet for both Copper and Winter Park.

At Mountain Sports Media, Miller oversaw all business affairs for Ski and Skiing Magazines and Warren Miller Films as well as the company's new media opportunities. He also directed all contract negotiations, acquisitions, and business development. In addition, Miller has spent several years as a media and sports marketing consultant.

Miller replaces Wenda Huseman, who was recently appointed director of lift business development for Intrawest Colorado. She is also creating a research program to help the company become more guest-connected. The changes allow Huseman, who is expected her second child, to spend more time with her family.


Perkins Miller

Amazing how the same people float from one position in the industry to another with no real success anywhere- I mean Ski Country bombed, Freeze Bombed. Ski and Skiing are just a shell of their former glory- What has this guy ever done that met with success?