Ralph Walton, Longtime Co-Owner of Crested Butte, Dies at 80

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SAM Magazine-Hamilton, Ga., Apr. 21, 2011-Ralph Walton, who co-owned Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) with Howard "Bo" Callaway for more than three decades, died Apr. 17 at his home in Georgia. He was 80.

Walton had been a manager with Westinghouse Electric for nearly 15 years when, in 1970, just months from earning a lifetime pension, he joined brother-in-law Callaway and purchased CBMR. Walton served as the onsite partner. He was a two-time chairman of Colorado Ski Country USA, helped pioneer the direct-flight airline program now used widely throughout the ski world, and spearheaded other entrepreneurial innovations.

Survivors include Martha G. Walton; Ralph III, Martina, Veronica and Brittain Walton (son); and Martha P. "Chic" Walton (daughter).

A memorial service will be held at the Hamilton Baptist Church on Good Friday, Apr. 22. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the Hamilton Baptist Church Outreach Fund, which Walton has long supported.

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