Snow Ridge, N.Y., Has New Owner

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SAM Magazine-Turin, N.Y., Sept. 26, 2006-Pennsylvanian Russell Horn is purchasing Snow Ridge ski area from Peter Harris, who also owns Song Mountain Resort in Tully. Horn is consolidating his position at Snow Ridge; he purchased the Towpath Inn at the base of Snow Ridge in 2005.

Horn will put Snow Ridge under the management of his son Keith and two daughters-in-law. His son Brad manages the Towpath Inn.

Harris will continue to operate Song, which he acquired in 2000, and the two areas will continue to honor each other's season's passes, a program Harris initiated in the past.

Snow Ridge opened in 1945 and has had only two owners prior to Horn: the Williams family founded the area and ran it until 1973, when the Harris family took over. Peter Harris had been in charge since 1986.