Snow Ridge, N.Y., Has New Owner

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SAM Magazine-Turin, N.Y., Sept. 26, 2006-Pennsylvanian Russell Horn is purchasing Snow Ridge ski area from Peter Harris, who also owns Song Mountain Resort in Tully. Horn is consolidating his position at Snow Ridge; he purchased the Towpath Inn at the base of Snow Ridge in 2005.

Horn will put Snow Ridge under the management of his son Keith and two daughters-in-law. His son Brad manages the Towpath Inn.

Harris will continue to operate Song, which he acquired in 2000, and the two areas will continue to honor each other's season's passes, a program Harris initiated in the past.

Snow Ridge opened in 1945 and has had only two owners prior to Horn: the Williams family founded the area and ran it until 1973, when the Harris family took over. Peter Harris had been in charge since 1986.


VP Sales Elan Ski

Like Dave, I have great memories of Snow Ridge, having skied there every winter weekend of my childhood. I remember the amazing natural snowfalls on the Tughill plateau, every day was a powder day. Good Luck to the new owners and Judy, a great area manager. \


A great place on the Tug hill is where you could always count on good snow back before snowmaking and grooming got it's start. My first turns were at Snow Ridge. The biggest trick was getting there and then getting back to the Mohawk Valley. Tug hill is definitely a "lake effect" mecca!