Snowmass Village To Seek LEED Neighborhood Certification

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SAM Magazine-Snowmass, Colo., July 11, 2007-The developers of Snowmass Mountain's new resort village are seeking to make the $2 billion project one of the first developments of its kind to be chosen for the new LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Pilot Neighborhood Development certification program.

Developer Related WestPac says that Snowmass Village will incorporate LEED's Pilot Neighborhood certification and plans to extend the program into every aspect of the design, development, construction and operations at Snowmass Village. In partnership with the Town of Snowmass Village and the Aspen Skiing Company, Related WestPac is currently exploring best practices to maximize efficiencies through the utilization of renewable energy sources, stormwater management, carbon-neutral technologies, the use of high-performance mechanical ventilation low-VOC and no-VOC for healthy indoor air quality for all residents and visitors, and the incorporation of eco-friendly components throughout all buildings. Additionally, Related WestPac will create a community with seamless walkable pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods and use gondola people-movers that allow for limited auto usage.

Patrick N. Smith, president of Related WestPac, said, "As a developer in Snowmass Village, Related WestPac has both an opportunity and an obligation to commit our strong resources toward sustainable, green development. Our vision is one where every resident, every visitor and every business will contribute to a brighter future through a raising of the green bar."

Added Jeff T. Blau, president of Related Companies, "In order to effectively combat climate change, an ecological consciousness and an environmental commitment from both the public and the private sectors is absolutely required. Through the new LEED Neighborhood Development Pilot Program, we will accelerate global progress towards sustainable development. We look forward to sharing our ideas and experience as we help create best practices with our partners the U.S. Green Building Council, National Resources Defense Council and the Congress for New Urbanism."

These latter organizations have collaborated to create the neighborhood program standards. The LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system integrates the principles of smart growth, new urbanism and green building into the first national standard for neighborhood design.

Related Companies developed one of the first green residential buildings in the nation, Tribeca Green in Battery Park City, New York, and Chicago's first green residential building, 340 on the Park. Related is currently developing eight new LEED-certified residential buildings across the U.S.

Related WestPac is a joint venture partnership of Related Companies and WestPac Investments Colorado LLC.