Steamboat Takes Aim at New York

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SAM Magazine - Steamboat, Colo., July 8, 2007 - Steamboat has announced that the northern Colorado resort will aggressively market itself to New York skiers and is putting its money where its mouth is by adding additional airplane seats on direct flights from New York to the ski town. The flights, scheduled for Saturdays, will have the potential to deliver an additional 490 passengers each week.

"Accompanying the fact that New York is the single most lucrative ski market is the fact that it's the single most expensive media market," says Andy Wirth, vice president of sales and marketing for the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp, "but in this case, we felt the financial reward is there."

And it's expected that the flights will directly tap into this lucrative market. Unlike flights from other hubs, such as Atlanta, nearly 100 percent of the passengers on the weekly flights will be from New York. \



Maybe you should go ski Hunter Mt. N.Y. before inviting all the N.Y.C. to Steamboat


And I wanna ski wit all them newyorkers???