Tim White Named to Head NSP

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SAM Magazine-Lakewood, Colo., June 4, 2007-Tim White, NSAA director of education, has resigned to become executive director of the National Ski Patrol (NSP), effective June 18. His appointment comes after nearly two years of internal turmoil for the organization, which had left its direction unclear. To that point, White told SAM, "I want to make it easier for resorts and patrollers to work together."

White has the background for the task. "My experience in and knowledge of area operations, insurance, and risk management, and now association management and education, seemed to me to be a perfect blend for NSP," he said. "In each category, I bring something that can be useful to the organization."

White's appointment signals the intention of the NSP board to become a more active partner with the areas where its volunteer members serve the public. "It's a two-way street," White said. "We have to ask, how we can create value for the areas? But we also need to remind the areas how much value we bring to them."

In the past two years, the departure of longtime executive director Stephen Over in 2006 and subsequent changes in the NSP board's membership left the organization's direction unclear. "We've had some challenges," White acknowledged, "but that's behind us and we're ready to move forward."

One of his first tasks is to renew the Letter of Understanding, by which the NSP and ASEA (the parent organization for ski and snowboard instructors in the U.S.) have shared support staff in the organizations' Lakewood offices. While some sharing will continue, NSP plans to add dedicated staff positions in communications and education.


President/COO - Mt. Hood Meadows

Tim has done a really outstanding job for NSAA over the years and deserves a huge THANK YOU! We'll miss you in that capacity.

NSP will certainly benefit from your style and expertise! Congratulations Tim!