Utah Breaks Record, Gains on Colorado

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SAM Magazine - Salt Lake City. Ut., June 13 - Utah ski resorts set the state's fourth consecutive record for skier visits, racking up 4,082,094 skier days. The total bucked a national trend, which saw skier days slip 7% on the year overall.

"We've seen some strong growth over the past five years." Commented Ski Utah President Nathan Rafferty. "Momentum is definitely on our side," Rafferty cited consistent snowfall and the proximity of resorts to Salt Lake's international airport as contributing factors in the growth of the ski industry in Utah.

Still this year's record was made on only marginal gains over the 2005/2006 season. A modest 19,906 additional skiers took to Utah slopes for 2006/007.

But the amount skiing contributes to the State's coffers is hardly modest. Ski-related tourism contributed over $700 million to the Utah's economy during the 2006/07 winter season.

Season Skier Days Rank
2006-07 4,082,094 1
2005-06 4,062,188 2
2004-05 3,895,578 3
2003-04 3,429,141 4
2002-03 3,141,212 6
2001-02 2,984,574 10
2000-01 3,278,291 5
1999-00 2,959,778 11
1998-99 3,095,347 8
1997-98 3,101,735 7


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