Utah Throws Hat in Ring for 2026 Olympics

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SAM Magazine—Salt Lake City, Dec. 4, 2012— Utah officials have announced plans to bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics. The bid is contingent on an upcoming United States Olympic Committee decision regarding potential bidders, and could well face stiff competition from Reno-Tahoe and Denver. Both Reno-Tahoe and Denver had been pursuing a bid for the 2022 Games before the USOC decided to take a pass on that edition. Tahoe resorts have indicated a willingness to bid anew, and Nevada officials have said they will await a USOC decision before making a new bid.

There are other potential stumbling blocks, aside from competition outside the U.S. For one, the USOC may opt to bid on the 2024 Summer Games rather than the 2026 Winter Games. A USOC panel is expected to make a recommendation on these options later this month. Also, the International Olympic Committee prefers to move the Games to different sites as much as possible.

Still, other cities have hosted a second Games, among them Lake Placid, N.Y., in 1932 and 1980. St. Moritz, Switzerland, and Innsbruck, Austria also hosted the Winter Games twice; Innsbruck’s second opportunity came as a last-minute substitute for Denver, which was awarded but later rejected the 1976 Games.


Key Olympic icon of the 2002 Winter Olympic at risk

I find it funny they believe that the infrastructure for the Olympic games is already in place when the key icon of the 2002 Olympic games is currently at risk of disappearing: citycreektruth.org