Wachusett Converts Waste Oil to Biofuel

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SAM Magazine-Princeton, Mass., Dec. 6, 2007-What do french fries and snowcats have in common at Wachusett Mountain Ski Area? Cooking oil!

Wachusett is one of only three ski resorts in the Northeast to convert 100 percent of its 2,500 gallons of waste cooking oil into environmentally-friendly biodiesel. To complete the transformation, Wachusett is burning B20 made with recovered cooking oil in its five grooming vehicles. The fuel will also run the area's four diesel-powered backup lift engines and four on-premise snow removal vehicles.

Purchased from Wachusett Bio-Mass, the biodiesel will allow the mountain to burn up to 20 percent less diesel fuel and help reduce harmful emissions by up to 50 percent per gallon of biodeisel fuel burned.

"If skiers or riders get a sudden urge for French Fries when they see a grooming vehicle on the slopes, now they'll know why," said GM David Crowley. "Skiers are environmentalists and are ranked highest among participants in all sports in environmental awareness. We take our role as stewards of the land very seriously."

"Massachusetts is one of the lowest rated states in the country in biofuel production," said Kyle Zelley, president of Wachusett Bio-Mass, which collects and processes waste oil at its Princeton treatment facility. "By purchasing this alternative energy, Wachusett's participation in this program is a testimony to its commitment to protecting the environment as well as helping the state increase its biofuel production." \