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SAM Magazine—Enfield, N.H., Mar. 15, 2013—Whaleback Mountain is shutting its doors for the year, and as a business, on Mar. 17. Owners Evan Dybvig, Frank Sparrow, and Dylan Goodspeed posted a message on their website Thursday that the mountain would be ceasing operations at the end of the coming weekend.

In their letter, they said that it’s possible the resort will reopen in the future. “We sincerely hope that our departure is not the end of skiing and riding at Whaleback. On the contrary, we believe that this is an opportunity for the community to Save the Whale and continue to maintain this beloved place. We strongly believe that Whaleback could be a sustainable and vital resource with appropriate funding and leadership, especially after our eight years of developing strong programs and relationships. It would be a tremendous loss to this region and the industry if Whaleback closes for good.” Plans are emerging to raise money through a non-profit to purchase the mountain and continue operating, the letter said.

The three owners said that “the positive gains that we have made over the years have not been enough to overcome our debt. We have tried numerous avenues to recapitalize the business to put ourselves on surer footing without success.”

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