Windham Mountain Sold to Local Investors

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SAM Magazine-Windham, N.Y., Oct. 24, 2005-Snow Time, Inc., owner of Ski Roundtop, Liberty Mountain Resort and Whitetail Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania, is selling Windham Mountain to a group of local investors, including Windham president Dan Frank. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The investors include Dick Jordan, a local developer, and Stu Berelson, an attorney and long-time Windham skier. The new team plans to complete the acquisition of the area and its adjoining real estate by mid-November. The partnership will maintain the current management group led by Frank and general manager Tim Woods, and expand the resort by investing in the operation and adjoining real estate.

"We want to build on the outstanding foundation provided by Snow Time," said Frank. "We intend to infuse significant resources into the resort for the 2006-07 winter season."

Snow Time will continue to own and operate its Pennsylvania resorts. "The sale of Windham Mountain will allow Snow Time management to focus its efforts in one state and one marketplace," said Irvin S. Naylor, owner and founder. "We expect this sale to benefit all parties involved." \


Any word on improvments?

There was a full page article in the Newark Star Ledger about the sale and it said the new owners have many "on mountain" improvments planed, but would not name them. What will it be, a new candy machine or boot warmer, or some real impovments!!!

From SAM

C'mon folks. Let's keep this a little more productive and get away from the mud slinging. We would like to encourage dialogue, but let's stay away from getting too personal.

SAM Magazine

Thanks and Shame To SAM

Thank you so very much to SAM for letting me opine and bloviate here. Thank you for letting the truth out, and shame on you for also taking down, my words, the truth. I stand by my words. Evidently you have been contacted by Windham Mountain and they have expressed their unhappiness. They are taking their bulldanky elsewhere. Someone there loves to build lockers and no parking.(The ASF - 180 volunteer lockers and 30 parking spaces...?)Please friends do the math. No mudslinging here, just the facts. No doubt, the ASF is the greatest in the world. Windhams publicity is so handicapped that they think the Adaptive dont know."There will be a 3rd floor lounge for those who like to be connected". Is Windham running an internet cafe for the adaptive foundation or a ski program. Sorry SAM the is not mud, only the truth


Windham was a private ski area and it is going to be again. This IS about real estate developement and more. The mountain will be turned into a private club once more. The real estate owners, contiguous and adjacent will be given a pass on the initiation fee(maybe not), either way their values should increase dramatically. However they will pay the lofty annual dues like everyone else. When the "new" lodge was built it was frightfully inadequate and poorly designed(roof avalanches on the patrons and a cafeteria of only 25% of the size it needed to be then, I could go on). When they had the chance to rectify the situation a few years ago, and add to the cafeteria, they spent over a million dollars on 800 + new private lockers, plus 200 for the ski patrol and teaching staff that rent for $600 or so/season(mmmm.....$48000 a year return on a million + dollar investment ?). The new lodge was and is a monument to greed and avarice, thanx Dan Frank(there's a plaque downstairs next to the Special Tickets window, actually it's over the cash machine!) Here's to all the familys that made Windham Mountain great, you and I don't count, just our money that made it great. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, not ours after this season. Kudos to the Adaptive Foundation, the greatest in the world,I'm sure they will stay forever, except a lift was built this year they can't get to, with no parking, I guess they don't count either. Oh by the way, you local business owners won't see very much either.
Not Positively:
A 20 year + patron \

More Trails a must!

I have been a Windham skiier since it was a private mountain with bubble lifts, and have seen it grow as a destination, but not a resort. There is still time to save the east side from over development and lay some trails that will spread the mix out. How about a new high speed quad to replace the horrible Why Not Triple. To echo others, I hope this is not a real estate development oppurtunity only.

Congrats to the new team!

Best of luck to all concerned. Great mountain with a great staff - and the fact that Dan will continue to be involved is good news all around.

Couldn't agree more with the More Trails Author

Not only would it be nice to see a few more trails to be added to the mountain, but how about better all around execution. While a great place to ski, time and time again, windham mountain management continues to drop the ball, ie-falty lifts, lack of snowmaking when temps permit b/c supposedly the mountain has a deal with the state to make snow at lower temps to benefit the mountain and the mountain only, not their patrons...Can you really justify the continued higher ticket prices year after year? I am sure you can answer that by saying Windham Mt u/g the snowmaking system, lodge, etc (all things that can sometimes be hard to actually notice), however, the bottom line is hopefully the new management will focus on expanding terrain and improving the skiing rather than being a real estate development company. I think it would be a good idea to have a section on your website for Q and A for your patrons to see what the mountain is actually planning in this regard. A few more trails is long overdue.
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Congrats to Dan, Tim, and the new team

Best wishes from Propeller Media Works on a new chapter in the Windham story. We look forward to seeing a great product get even better.

- Stew & the Propeller Crew

More Trails?

Does this mean they will do the right thing and add the 7,000 new trails that the mountain would need to absorb all the new skiier traffic that has come about over the last decade as a result of every last bit of surrounding real estate being pimped out to the highest bidder?

local business owners

As local business owners we are excited about this sale. We are hoping that the new ownership puts money into the development of the mountain and into upgrading much needed lifts and snowmaking. There is a tremendous potential at the mountain and in the town it self, for economical development. Hopefully the two will work together , torwards a succsessful future.