Worker Killed at Blue Mountain in Construction Accident

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SAM Magazine--September 25, 2011--According to The Morning Call, a 49-year-old man working for an excavation company at Blue Mountain Ski Area in Pennsylvania was killed when the truck he was operating overturned on a ski slope last Wednesday morning, September 21.

The accident victim, Victor Bortz, was an employee of Livengood Excavating & Paving. While there were no witnesses, Bortz was apparently ejected when he lost control of the over-sized dump truck.




Really? Going to blame someone for a death because of a lack of college education? I guess you had one and look where it took your intelligence--about third grade.


I don't know Jim or any of the Blue Mtn. management, but I think it is very inappropriate to insinuate that this unfortunate accident was somehow Jim's fault. There isn't enough information out regarding the circumstances of the accident for you to make that kind of conclusion.

Poor management decision?

That is very unfortunate for the family of the employee; my heart goes out to them. I wonder if the accident could have been prevented if the management was more selective of where the machine was being operated? Ever since Jim Daily became manager of Blue Mountain, the place has gone down hill (no pun intended). I understand that Jim only has a high school education; what were they thinking?


That's what the article stated.

Wrong ski area

That incident occurred at Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania, not Ontario