Xanadu Nightmare to Become "American Dream"

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SAM Magazine-East Rutherford, N.J., May 5, 2011-Triple Five, operator of the Mall of America and the new owner of the former Meadowlands Xanadu project, plans to expand the plan and rename the project American Dream.

When completed, the $2.7 billion megamall is expected to draw even more visitors than Triple Five's current flagship operations, the Mall of America and the equally spectacular West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada. The site is next to both the Izod Center and the forthcoming New Meadowlands Stadium that that will be home to the 2014 Super Bowl.

The new plan calls for American Dream to grow to 3 million square feet via the addition of water and amusement parks. It will also include retail shops, restaurants, nightclubs, a 26-screen movie theater and 3,000-seat performing arts theater, indoor glass-domed amusement and water parks, a skating rink and, most pertinent to winter resorts, a year-round indoor ski slope.

As part of its revamping of the project, Triple Five will reskin the exterior, which New Jerzey Gov. Chris Christie once called the ugliest building in New Jersey.

The development, initially expected to open in 2007, is now expected to be substantially ready by fall 2013, with all elements in place by 2014.


Great Idea

The idea of an indoor ski arena in large metropolitan areas could prove important to growing skiers and snowboarders. While this one project won't have a large impact, it's a start. I've always thought it would be a great place to introduce the sport; it's a controlled environment, close, and far less expensive than a trip to a resort. Then, once the skier/rider can make some turns, they can use their new-found skills at a larger resort without being stuck on the beginners' hill.